What’s causing you to breakout ?

      Acne is a major concern not only for young adults but grown ups too. For sometime, I will be posting all about understanding acne breakouts and things you can do to prevent or treat them.    The Chin:  Hormonal imbalances are known to be a major cause of acne around the chin area. You may find that the you are more ... More

Blow Drying – Pro Tools & Tips.

  This post will take you through all the steps right from the point where you get out of the shower to finishing your style using the blowdryer. It might help you find some absolutely awesome products that are Pro favorites.    After you are done shampooing and conditioning, towel dry your hair (about 50% dry) so it stops dripping ... More

Toss ’em out..

This post is a shout out to all the make up junkies just like me who would love to own all the make up in the world and never ever throw any of it out. I know you love every little product in your vanity but it is absolutely essential to de clutter and get rid of things that are just not fit for use and have been sitting in your drawer ... More

How awesome is your little jar of vaseline !

  So many of us go around looking for the perfect eye make up removers, lip butters or cuticle oils. I've tried so many different products yet nothing proved be as much of an all rounder as my 20g pot of aloe vera vaseline. It sure says lip therapy but I use it as so many different things. After you finish reading this, I bet you ... More

Lip Plumper !

Apart from the many many tricks, one simple product can help you get those luscious looking lips. These products typically work by irritating the thin, delicate skin of the lips with ingredients like menthol or camphor. This makes the lips swell slightly, which may also diminish the appearance of fine lines in that area. You ... More

For the love of FULLER lips.

If you aren't already blessed with a pair of naturally plump lips, these are a few tips that may help you achieve the fuller look you've always wanted to see on yourself. The results are almost as good as those of surgery.. temporary nonetheless. ;) As we grow older, our lips tend to lose volume and start looking shriveled. And ... More

Beauty on a budget & Best Buys < INR 200.

Despite the fact that I love every single beauty product on the planet and can go berserk buying anything at any price, I am always looking for awesome inexpensive alternatives or dupes of the more pricey cosmetics. So I thought I'd share some of my best findings of the Indian market with you too.     1. Garnier Anti Dark Circles ... More

Mascara & Eyeliner – All that you need to know !

Lets say you're in a crazy rush (which is usually the case) and no can do's a lot of make but you still wanna do a little something to amp up how your face looks, just take 2 minutes to work with an eyeliner and/or mascara. I'm pretty sure a lot of you have noticed the remarkable difference that the two products can make and become absolute ... More

Top 5 Bad Beauty Habits & how to break them.

  On careful observation of my own and some of my friends' routines, I came across a few things that we all do or don't do and end up regretting eventually.  I too have a few bad beauty habits and I am not proud. :( 1. STOP biting your nails I've often seen girls with non-existent nails and ripping apart their cuticle and ... More