Mascara & Eyeliner – All that you need to know !

Lets say you're in a crazy rush (which is usually the case) and no can do's a lot of make but you still wanna do a little something to amp up how your face looks, just take 2 minutes to work with an eyeliner and/or mascara. I'm pretty sure a lot of you have noticed the remarkable difference that the two products can make and become absolute ... More

Top 5 Bad Beauty Habits & how to break them.

  On careful observation of my own and some of my friends' routines, I came across a few things that we all do or don't do and end up regretting eventually.  I too have a few bad beauty habits and I am not proud. :( 1. STOP biting your nails I've often seen girls with non-existent nails and ripping apart their cuticle and the skin ... More