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Beauty Empties 2016

Hey Guys ! So I am showing you my Beauty Trash in today's video ! Just want to throw it out there that I don't run out of these many products all at one. :P I have collected these empty bottles atleast 6-8 months for this video and I am so pleased that I can get rid of this junk now that this video is going up. Haha. Prod... More

Chatty Makeup Haul | Affordable New Makeup | Drugstore Makeup Haul

Hello Everyone ! I hope you are all having a fabulous Summer ! I took a brief weekend away in the hills and now I am back to work and to filming videos for you guys ! Today I am showing you a cumulative makeup haul of the stuffI have been buying over the past two months or so. WARNING: Its a super chatty and fun video guys ! ... More