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Concealer 101

Welcome to my 101 on concealers ladies !    I am sorry for being a little groggy today. Thats how I get when the light isn't proper for filming.        So here it is. I talk all about my favorite concealers in my collection. The idea behind filming this was to let you know your options and what would suit your purpose ... More

Restore your Makeup !!! **Fixing Shattered Powders & Dry Gel Liner/Cream Eyeshadow**

Hallo everybody ! Have you ever felt that cringe when off went a palette of eyeshadows or a pressed powder and *bam* on the floor? OR just randomly opened it one day to find a million pieces of your beloved makeup product. And then there are the times when you reach for a gel liner or cream shadow that has been ... More

CURRENT FAVORITES ! ♥ Makeup ♥ Hair ♥ Beauty ♥ Bath & Body ♥ Sephora- WHITE Card ♥

Hi Beauty Bugs. I am hoping that you will find the ramblings of my beauty favourites as interesting as I do. I talk about some of the loves of my life - Whether its the Body Wash I start my day with or the gems in my professional makeup kit which make me breeze through work.I also talk about my shopping experience (read:... More