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Confessions of a Youtube addict: Top 5 beauty videos to watch.

Hellow Makeup Lovers.I want to share with you some of my favorite tutorials from the most amazing beauty gurus on Youtube. Watching these videos should be like a sweet crash course in beauty and makeup for those of you who feel like they know nothing at all. During my formative years at college, I just found myself not ... More

My play-around with eye creams.

Growing up and working extensively with makeup and skincare, I did come to realize that that the under eye area needs special care. The regular face creams are just not good enough for skin under the eyes. This skin is much thinner which makes it quite delicate and vulnerable. Also, the tiny muscles around the eyes undergo a ... More

I have an exciting announcement !!

This August, I will be teaching personal makeup in small groups of 2-3 at my home-studio in DLF, Gurgaon. Β  This four and a half hour class will include everything from the really basic natural beauty makeup to dolling up into a diva with fluttering false lashes. Just as I have always done on my blog, I will be sharing ... More